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Buy 4 Easy Grow ™ Seedling tray with grow light pk

Buy 4 Easy Grow ™ Seedling tray with grow light pk

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Grow 1000's of different seeds in any weather!  The #1 Rated seed growing kit

Ready to take your growing to the next level? 

Gone are the days of trail and error planting.

The Easy Grow ™ provides everything you need to grow beautiful, thriving, healthy, plants year-round.

Enjoy having a home and garden full of your favourite plants, vegetables, herbs and flowers and get consistent results from 1000s of different seed species. 

The unique Easy Grow ™ design allows you can take control of light, humidity and pest control to cultivate the perfect growing environment effortlessly. You'll be amazed at the results you achieve with the Easy Grow ™ Get yours today!

Benefits and features of the Easy Grow ™  

  • Grow 1000s of different seeds: Start growing your favourite salads, herbs, flowers, succulents, and vegetables all year round with highly powerful and efficient seedling grow light trays.
  • Perfectly replicate natural light: Get great growing results every time you plant. Each tray contains 4 powerful LED full spectrum growth lamps that radiate uniform growing light; this ensures consistent quality seed growth every time you plant. 
  • Adjustable humidity and atmosphere control: The easy-to-use adjustable humidity control replicates the natural growing environment of different seed species. Each tray has its own individual humidity and drainage control, allowing you to create 5 greenhouse atmospheres. 
  • Grow 60 different plants at the same time: The package comes with 5 individual trays that contain 12 individual pots; this provides a total of 60 different planting pots!
  • Get consistent results growing from seed every time: This is the easiest and most consistent way to grow from seed. Take control of light, humidity and pest control year-round. This product is super easy to use and suitable for both beginner growers and seasoned gardeners. 

What are you going to grow? Start growing the plants you've always wanted to grow! 

Click on "ADD TO CART" Enjoy...

  • Growing from seed with consistent light and humidity.
  • Growing your favourite plants, herbs, vegetables and flowers all year round.
  • Growing without relying on the weather.
  • Growing indoor herb gardens.
  • Growing unusual plants with consistent results. 

Package includes

  • 5 x Seedling trays
  • 5 x Lights and usb data cables
  • 5 x Water tight tray and individual plant drainage cups
  • 5 x Humidity dome with individual humidity control
  • 2 x Seedling tools
  • 10 x Plant labels
  • 1 x Watering nozzle 

If you have any inquiries, contact us at and we will be happy to help anytime.

All orders have a 180 day no questions asked money back guarantee!

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Frequently asked questions

  • How long do seeds take to grow?

The main benefit of using artificial light is that your seedlings will grow stronger and healthier. The Easy Grow ™ light and tray will speed up the germination process. The exact time will depend on the seed species; typically, most seeds spout in 2-4 weeks.

  • Will having the lights on 24hrs speed up germination?

We do not recommend leaving the lights on for 24hrs, plants and seeds need time to rest, just like us! 

  • What is the best way to clean the Easy Grow ™ seedling tray?

The Easy Grow ™ is easy to clean simply with water and a sponge or cloth, no chemicals or cleaning liquids are required.

  • Where is the ideal location for the Easy Grow?

You can use the Easy Grow in any room. The light and tray system is designed to start germination without natural light. However, if you have a room that attracts more light, this will help the germination process. We would also recommend a room with some airflow from a door or window, most plants require airflow across their leaves to aid transpiration (drawing out water through plant leaves) Due to the plug and light fitting, we do not recommend using the Easy Grow in the bathroom or in other areas with excessive water.

  • Does the light spread evenly across the tray?

Yes, each tray has four separate LEDs providing bright, uniform light across the tray.

  • How often do I have to refill the tray with water?

Seeds usually use little water at the beginning of the germination process. After you give the seeds their initial fill, we recommend checking the soil after 7- 10 days. Most seed pots require refilling with water after around 14 days.

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